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Are You a Hoarder?

Nestle says that people around the world are “hoarding” their products.

A Nestle executive told Reuters: “Nestle is seeing hoarding with bouillon, to an extent soups, coffee for sure.” The company has had to change its supply chain to cope with the spike in demand for these more durable goods and a drop in demand for non-essential items.

Trader Joe’s says that it also has a hoarding problem, particularly with people who obsessively buy their pumpkin-flavored items (many of which contain no actual pumpkin). Trader Joe’s Facebook groups (places I would avoid at all costs) are full of people calling one another selfish for stocking up on favorites. Sounds like a good use of your time.

Question: Given inflation that is here to stay and world leaders ratcheting up war talk, should we still use the word “hoarding” and poke fun at people who want to prepare for an uncertain future? If someone makes an earthquake kit we don’t call them hoarders. How is this different? Maybe it’s time to use a less condescending word for this?

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