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AstraZeneca Forced To Tell The Truth

AstraZeneca was forced to admit that its Covid vaccine can cause deadly blood clotting. The pharmaceutical company did not disclose this out of goodwill. Oh no. They admitted this because they were being sued.

According to The Daily Mail, the company “acknowledged in a legal document submitted to the High Court in February that its vaccine ‘can, in very rare cases, cause TTS’. TTS is short for thrombosis with thrombocytopenia syndrome – a medical condition where a person suffers blood clots along with a low platelet count. Platelets typically help the blood to clot.”

Researchers have known this for two years now but this is the first time the company has admitted it. This could mean that victims will be paid large sums of money but guess who will pay it? Not AstraZeneca! The Daily Mail points out that “Taxpayers will foot the bill of any potential settlement because of an indemnity deal AstraZeneca struck with the Government in the darkest days of Covid to get the jabs produced as quickly as possible while the country was paralysed by lockdowns.”

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