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Biden Plays Tough On Border

The Biden Administration has closed the southern border for asylum seekers with this order prohibiting the “entry of any noncitizen into the United States across the southern border.”

This is one of the president’s first real admissions that the southern border has been bombarded. He blames Congress and an antiquated immigration system for it but says that he will fix it by exercising his executive authority.

While the order suspends entry of noncitizens, it provides for what it calls “appropriate exceptions” for “those who are particularly vulnerable.” How will that be determined due to the high volumes of people at the border? TBD.

This is a bold statement but will only convince Americans if it is followed by bold action. Will it be?

Meanwhile, the Biden Justice Department is still suing various states to prevent them from enforcing laws that would allow for the arrest and deportation of illegal migrants. Will they drop those cases based on this new admission that mass migration is a problem?

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