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Biden’s Dark Closing Message

President Biden is trying to rally his party in the last few days before the midterm election, but he’s not trying to catch any flies with honey. Instead, he is going full speed ahead, attacking the opposing party.

Former President Trump isn’t running for anything in this election, but that hasn’t stopped President Biden from playing against him. He indicated that the attack on Paul Pelosi was a political attack brought on by MAGA Republicans, even though it is not clear if the attack was political or if MAGA was the politics of the attacker.

In a speech last night in Washington, D.C.President Biden condemned rising violence in the U.S., even though Democrats are in power and arguably should be held responsible for it. He called Republicans “dark forces” who “thirst for power.”

The media seems to agree with him. A recent study found that the mainstream media was more likely to present negative reporting for Republicans than they were for Democrats. They were also far less interested in being critical of President Biden in the runup to his midterm elections than they were in being critical of President Trump during the runup to his midterms.

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