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Biden’s Plan to Attack Iran

President Biden said that he’s decided how to respond to the U.S. service members killed in an attack in Jordan but it’s still a mystery to the rest of us.

The Pentagon continues to insist that Iran was behind the attacks without giving proof. Iran has denied this but the U.S. is still indicating that it will target Iran. Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby said that the US would carry out “a tiered approach … not just a single action, but potentially multiple actions.”

And yet, the President says he does not want “a wider war in the Middle East.” At least not with Iran. He’s already busy ramping up a war with Yemen, Iraq and Syria.

It is worth remembering how this “precision strikes” are never as precise as we are promised and civilians die too. This brings terror attacks to U.S. shores that the media ignores. A good example of this is the Orlando nightclub shooting, which had nothing to do with homophobia.

The Biden administration is bringing more war every day and the media knows it.

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