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Big Pharma’s Censorship Campaign

A new round of Twitter Files shows how pharmaceutical companies were given the opportunity to censor discussions about vaccines on Twitter. These were not anti-vaccine discussions. They were discussions about big pharma’s vaccine profits.

More specifically, lobby groups for biopharma, pushed Twitter to remove or censor content around sharing vaccine technology that would prevent those companies from profiting exclusively from the Covid vaccine. The main lobby group is called Bio and they also asked the Biden administration to punish countries that wanted to collaborate on vaccines in order to ramp up production, thereby sidestepping big pharma’s profits.

The move to collaborate globally on vaccines is called C-TAP. The German government backed big pharma in asking Twitter to suppress conversation around C-TAP and a related hashtag called #PeoplesVaccine.

What did Twitter do about all of this? That is unclear from this release because journalist Lee Fang was not given unfettered access to company information but was shown documents vetted by a Twitter attorney.

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