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Bison FTW

new study shows that bisoon can help cancel out global warming by capturing carbon. This is something climate activists hate to hear because it shows that there is a natural cycle of carbon emissions with ruminant animals and for whatever reason they hate ruminant animals.

The new research showed that a group of 170 free-roaming bison could capture more than 59,000 tons of carbon per year, roughly the equivalent of 43,000 cars. Indeed that is true because ruminant animals eat plants and enzymes in their saliva stimulate growth, which helsp secure carbon that is stored in the soil.

So why are we trying to cull cows for the planet again?

In 2013, biologist Allan Savory brought similar research showing that ruminant animals could help soil regeneration in amazing ways but TED has since marked it with criticism since being pushed on the animal-climate change hypothesis.

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