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Boobs are Making a Comeback!

Guess what? We can call ladies boobs “boobs” again! The National Health Service in the U.K. is expected to announce a ban on gender-neutral terms for the female body in healthcare services.

The term chestfeeding was introduced by trans ideologists to include women who identify as men. This term will not be allowed by NHS services and neither will “people who have ovaries.” These people can and will once again be called women.

Some other terms that we can toss in the trash along with these are penis-havers, testicle-havers, ovary-havers, uterus owners, bepenised women, human milk feeders, and my very least favorite: pregnant people.

The NHS will also allow women to request female-only healthcare providers, which was considered bigoted just one year ago when a woman had her surgery canceled because she requested a female-only staff. Perhaps one day, we will refer to the days when gender was subverted by ideologists hell-bent on giving sex changes to children as the gender ideology days. And perhaps this means that the more insidious nature of all of that is coming to an end.

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