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Can ‘Davos Man’ Rebuild Trust?

The theme at the World Economic Forum meeting in Davis this year is “Rebuilding Trust.” Could that be because they know that the world doesn’t trust anyone who would attend Davos now??

Davos is the World Economic Forum’s annual gathering of unelected leaders who plan out the world’s future based on their own economic interests. Usually it involves putting the average person’s interest down the toilet. The annual meeting for 2024 takes place next week, January 15-19.

Now why would world leaders need to “rebuild trust”? Is this a tacit admission that world leaders have EARNED their loss of public trust? Are they going to apologize for pushing climate change measures that hurt the environment and people MORE? Are they going to apologize for social tracking, mass vaccination, and taking away freedoms? Will they apologize for selling wars built on lies? That’s how they’ll really build up trust.

Spoiler alert: They’re not going to do any of that. They’re going all in on more war, more climate policy and ANOTHER pandemic for a disease they don’t even know about yet.

Watch our coverage of the program here and read through the program for yourself. What do you think? Do you want to rebuild your trust in these people?

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