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Cancelling Kanye

JP Morgan Chase has cut ties with rapper Kanye West due to his personal opinions. This was confirmed on Twitter by his friend Candace Owens, an outspoken critic of the Black Lives Matter movement.

West has made a series of controversial moves recently. The first was wearing a White Lives Matter shirt in public. The next was talking to Tucker Carlson about the shirt and other controversial matters. The next was Tweeting about his frustration with “Jewish people,” which got him punished on both Twitter and Instagram.

Owens published the letter that the bank sent West, which references a previous conversation. This has riled up the Twitter mob with people on one of two sides: those who are congratulating JP Morgan Chase for standing against West’s words and behavior vs those who are condemning the bank for unbanking someone for their politics.

Incidentally, JP Morgan Chase reportedly kept Jeffrey Epstein as a client even when there were warning signs about, business.

This comes after PayPal apologized for pretending that they don’t want to fine users for their political opinions.

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