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Cancer Is The New Covid

Pfizer says that Cancer is the new Covid and they expect their cancer drugs to be a “blockbuster.”

On Fox Business this weekend, CEO Albert Bourla, a veterinarian, said this: “Oncology, it is our new Covid. We did what we did with Covid. We are very proud to have saved the world but it is behind us now. We want to do [it] once more and I think oncology is our best chance to do it.”

Saved the world you say? The Pfizer Covid vaccine did not reduce Covid transmission nor is there any proof that it reduced the severity or death rate of Covid. Their only proof is that vaccinated people were less likely to go on respirators and even that data is shaky. Data shows that natural immunity to Covid is what ended the pandemic, not vaccination.

And how do we feel about the word “blockbuster” from a pharmaceutical company? Pfizer profits had been at record lows due to low demand for the Covid vaccine.

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