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CDC Rolls Out New Vaccines

The CDC voted to recommend the new Covid vaccine to all persons over 6 months of age. This means that the federal government will pay for them once again.

This is an odd move given that the CDC admits that vaccination is a risk factor of contracting the new variant. It is also odd given that young people do not show an increased risk of severe Covid. It is also odd because these new vaccines did not go through clinical trials and neither Pfizer nor Moderna are able to say how long protection lasts for these vaccines. It is also odd because both Pfizer and Moderna acknowledge in the new vaccine Fact Sheets that the Covid vaccine has serious adverse events and that “the possible side effects are still being studied.”

Puzzling, right? 

So why this blanket recommendation of the vaccine for an entire population regardless of medical history? In the U.K., the government is only recommending the vaccine for specific at-risk populations.

In Canada, Dr. Theresa Tam, the chief public officer of health, spoke in a mask on Tuesday to warn the country that Canada is at the “beginning” of a fall respiratory season. The new Moderna vaccine was approved by Health Canada. Moderna recently opened a large vaccine factory in Canada.

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