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China Just Found Something Big

China discovered the world’s largest “metamorphic rock oilfield.” This means that China now has another massive source of oil and gas. It is not only a boon for China but for all BRICS nations.

The discovery is in the Bohai Sea, which has been under exploration since 2023. According to reports, “It is estimated that the oilfield can yield over 30 million cubic meters of crude oil while producing over 11 billion cubic meters of natural gas.”

This will undoubtedly help China reduce dependency on Russia and the U.S. for oil and gas and shift power centers. And so would a BRICS currency, which Russia announced is also in the works. The Russian Finance Ministry said that it is working on the BRICS Bridge multisided payment platform to allow BRICS nations to trade not on the U.S. dollar! Oh no, the U.S. sanctioned itself out of the running. They will be able to boost their own currencies with cooperative trade if this comes to fruition.

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