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Christians Attacked in Gaza

More proof that there is no such thing as “targeted attacks.” Israel admits that it shot at least three of its own hostages in an attack in Gaza and the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem says that two Christian women were killed by Israeli forces and seven others were wounded inside the Holy Family Parish in Gaza.

The Christian society says that an Israeli Defense Force rocket targeted the Christian convent where at least 54 disabled people live and which has been signaled as a place of worship since the beginning of the war. The bombing was followed by sniper fire, which killed the two women.

A father of one of the slain hostages says that the IDF murdered his son and demands that he be recognized as a fallen soldier but the army denied that request.

The Israeli publication Haaretz says that the IDJ has “dropped the restraint in Gaza.” It further presents the worry that this unrestrained killing will turn Israel into Russia 2.0.

The small silver lining is the possibility of another ceasefire brokered by Qatar and Egypt. Hamas says that it will hand over a list of hostages to release under the condition of a ceasefire. Negotiations could take place in Europe sometime this week.

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