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Climate Deniers are now New Deniers

Climate change promoters want to shut down dissent that they call “Climate Hate.” This is a new one that they are calling “New Denial.”

Climate Deniers are so yesterday. New Deniers are the new enemy.

Actor Mark Ruffalo has long been a promoter of climate doom. He says that big oil is asking people to go after “the solutions we need to transition to a safer future like renewable energy and electric vehicles.” That means that anyone (like us here at Redacted) who question those things are magic solutions is guilty of “climate hate.”

So if you say that wind farms kill whales – which they do – and require gas-powered back ups because they’re so unreliable – which they are – you’re a New Denier.

This comes from a report by the Center for Countering Digital Hate (CCDH), the same organization that X/Twitter is suing for trying to lead advertisers away from the platform due to “false and misleading claims” about hate speech. And guess who is guilty of New Denial, according to their report? Redacted.

Ruffalo says that Big Oil is funding those guilty of New Denial. We here at Redacted are not funded by Big Oil so that’s a lie. But while we’re at it, we may as well bring you a little more New Denial.

A U.K. research group admits that it did not have reliable data to claim that the U.K. could survive on wind power. The Climate Change Committee only used one year of wind data to extrapolate that the country could rely on wind.

Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith led this study. The Telegraph reports that he wrote this about it in a presentation: “They have conceded privately that that was a mistake.”

And yet this presentation was the basis of recommending a net zero target. It highlights two things: 1. Wind is an unreliable source of energy and 2. Climate scientists are able to get away with far lower standards due to ideology.

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