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Clown World: Men Allowed to Breastfeed in U.K.

A National Health Service Trust in the United Kingdom says that it’s a-okay for men to pump themselves up on hormones and try to breastfeed babies. So, they’re experimenting on newborns.

When men want to try to breastfeed, they have to take a drug called Domperidone, which even the manufacturer says that they should not use for breastfeeding because it could cause “possible side effects to a baby’s heart.”

Still, the University of Sussex Hospitals NHS Trust (USHT) said that the milk produced by trans women after taking a combination of drugs is “comparable to that produced following the birth of a baby.” What do they mean by that? That it has antibodies for disease like natural breastmilk? That it is healthy for the baby? That it has the same fat content? Nutrient content? They don’t say. They only say that some studies of babies who breastfed from men for five months did fine but there was no long-term follow up of these babies.

The Sussex trust removed this report but say that they “stand by the facts of the letter and the cited evidence supporting them.”

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