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Congress Tries To Protect Online Speech

The House of Representatives passed a bill to protect online speech and prevent government agencies from censoring it.

This comes in the wake of the Twitter Files where we learned all the ways that government agencies were working to censor users over Covid, lockdowns, vaccines, President Biden, the election, Hunter Biden’s laptop, the war in Ukraine… You name it, they tried to censor it.

The bill is called Protecting Speech from Government Interference Act. It “prohibits employees of executive agencies or who are otherwise in the competitive service from using their official authority to influence or advocate for a third party, including a private entity, to censor speech; engaging in censorship while on duty, wearing a uniform, or using official government property. Certain presidential appointees may not censor speech at any time, including outside normal duty hours.”

So no using your government influence as a means to a censorial end! The bill passed the House 219-206. Meaning 206 congressional leaders still reserve the right to ask social media to censor? It will not likely pass in the Senate.

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