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Congress Votes “No” on More Money to Israel and Ukraine

The House of Representatives voted against a bill to provide aid to Israel. This was proposed by House Speaker Mike Johnson who opposed aid to Ukraine but not to Israel.

The bill would send $17.6 billion in military assistance to Israel, a country which has a budget surplus over $200 billion. The bill’s defeat is somewhat surprising but we should not think it means that the U.S. won’t get money to Israel for its war against Gaza. They will find a way.

Democrats rejected the bill because they want it to include aid to Ukraine. Republicans rejected the bill for the same reason. They also want more money for border security.

President Biden on Tuesday said that the only reason the southern border is not secure is because of former “President Trump and his MAGA Republican friends.” Does he know that Donald Trump is not in office and that he is in fact the president?

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