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Ditching Facebook

Kids these days, they don’t care much for The Facebook. This is according to a new Pew Research study.

What do the kids like? The TikTok! 67% of teens say that they use TikTok, followed by 62% who use Instagram and 59% who use Snapchat. Facebook was the top social network for teens in 2014-2015 but it fell from 71% to 32%.

Beating out all of these social networks in this study is YouTube. A whopping 95% of teens say that they use YouTube. It is their form of TV, news, entertainment and information. It really is a league of its own.

When asked to self-report their screentime, 55% say that they spend “about the right amount of time” on these apps and 36% say that they spend too much time on them. It would be interesting to compare their answers with their parents’ answers! 97% of the teens say that they use these apps every single day. The other 3% probably didn’t understand the question.

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