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Don’t Call It A War

We’re not at war with Yemen. We just enjoy bombing them so we’re going to keep doing that.

This is what the Pentagon said when it confirmed the seventh round of bombing in two weeks on Houthi targets this weekend.

Pentagon spokesperson Sabrina Singh said this about bombs being an indication of war: “We don’t think that we are at war. We don’t want to see a regional war. The Houthis are the ones that continue to launch cruise missiles, anti-ship missiles at innocent mariners, at commercial vessels that are just transiting an area that sees, you know, 10 to 15 percent of world’s commerce.”

The Houthis say that they will stop this when Israel ceases its attacks on Gaza. So why does the U.S. have to get involved? It’s not without consequences.

According to Antiwar, “the Yemeni people have rallied around the Houthis, and the group has stepped up strikes on American-linked shipping in the Red Sea.”

It’s not war. It’s like war foreplay. Is that better?

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