Dr. Frankenstein Will See You Now

Zombie pigs are making researchers ask, “What is death?”

In a recent study, researchers were able to restore function to vital organs in pigs that had been dead for an hour. This follows a 2019 study that did a similar thing to hour-dead pig brains.

To be clear, the pigs didn’t walk around like nothing had happened, and the organs weren’t operating typically either. But the pigs’ hearts contracted, and the livers and kidneys woke up a bit, too.

This could eventually mean big things for preserving organs for donation, but it could also mean more. Like, if hearts and brains can be revived, then when is someone actually dead?

Oh, science. The more we know, the more questions there are. Can we just skip to the part where everyone can live forever? Or is that a horror movie waiting to happen?

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