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Drones Strike Heart of Moscow… Again

Moscow was under attack by drones on early this morning, showing that Ukraine is now attacking the Russian capital with the help of NATO. Even though President Joe Biden promised that this would not happen just over a week ago.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the raid involved eight drones and that all eight were “neutralized.” The mayor of Moscow said that there was some minor damage, but no one was hurt.

Last week, President Zelensky claimed that Russia struck a hospital early Friday, killing one person and injuring at least 15 others in the city of Dnipro. We mistakenly wrote that Dnpiro was under Russian control. We apologize; that was a mistake. It is still solidly within Ukrainian borders. However, CNN later admitted that the attack came from an S-300 missile. This is the same that Ukraine fired into Poland last year. A Ukrainian blogger who investigated the attack admitted that it was most likely “our own S-300 missile, which… ended up in the hospital.”

The Chief of the General Staff of the Czech Armed Forces said this week that a war between Russia and NATO is the worst-case scenario, “but it is not impossible.”

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