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E.U. Lectures China About Making Too Much Stuff

Chinese President Xi Jinping was in France on Monday to meet with French President Macron. But Macron invited party pooper Ursula von der Leyen, president of the European Commission, to the party to sabotage a message of collaboration.

Macron had intended to forge a relationship based on ”strategic autonomy.” He wanted to show the Chinese leader that France and Europe can make their own decisions in their relationship with China and that it is not dictated by U.S. or other Western unelected globalist.

Enter this Western unelected globalist. She said that China is doing too much. Too much manufacturing, too much exporting, too many people and that “the world cannot absorb China’s surplus production.” She said that she will “coordinate with the G7” to “address” this problem.

As French political pundit Arnaud Bertrand put it: “It’s a terrible image: in Macron’s own words this was the whole point of the trip, show that France and Europe can speak to China independently with their own voice. And then they literally use American words to say they’ll ally with the Americans against China. You couldn’t make it up.”

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