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EU: More War and More Defense Spending

Ursula von der Leyen will run for a second term as the president of the European Commission. This would give her another five years in office.

She seems to have support from European leaders, despite the fact that under her term she has tanked Europe’s economy to support war in Ukraine and the scandals that have followed her around dodgy negotiations with Pfizer for the Covid vaccine and an investigation into how she awarded defense contracts while she was the defense minister in Germany. In that investigation, she was found to have deleted messages from a second phone.

Politico says that she will run on “a platform of increased defence spending.” That means she wants to continue to use EU money on war, plain and simple, despite the fact that her positions on war are tanking the Euro and costing lives in Ukraine.

Will anyone oppose this? Anyone? Bueller? Bueller? 

Another leader whose track record is dodgy but never-you-mind is Mark Rutte, former Prime Minister in the Netherlands. Despite resigning last year over failed policy which was about to cost him his job, he may soon be hired to run NATO. When he resigned last year, he said he would be leaving politics. Instead, he will be leading the Western war coalition that is NATO.

It would be naive to think that either of these people will lead to a more peaceful geopolitical landscape.

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