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Facebook Censoring Nord Stream News

You better not share anything about the Nord Stream pipeline on Facebook if you don’t want to be put in Facebook jail.

Journalist and author Michael Shellenberger found that Facebook is censoring the damning article from journalist Seymour Hersh that accuses the U.S. of blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline.

We’ve covered this story at length but to sum up: Hersh spoke to inside sources that say the the U.S. Navy was asked by President Biden to blow up the Nord Stream Pipeline between Russia and Germany and that he used the Navy with help from Norway to do it so that he could keep from getting Congressional approval for this act of international sabotage.

Seymour Hersh has an excellent track record for exposing the military industrial complex going back to the first Iraq war. But Facebook does not want his reporting shard so they are censoring this story.

The fact-checker Facebook relies on for the final word here is the Norwegian public broadcaster NRK. On March 14, the organization reprinted an article by, a media watchdog which counts NRK as among its partners. But Hersh pointed out that the Norwegian government was involved so of course they’d say that.

This is what Shellenberger calls the Censorship Industrial Complex. Add that to another industrial complex that is not in the public interest: Military Industrial Complex, Biopharmaceutical Industrial Complex, Homeless Industrial Complex and now the Censorship Industrial Complex.

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