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Farmers Revolt Across Europe

Farmer protests are catching on throughout Europe and the European Union is bracing. Some are reporting that barbed wire has been erected at Parliamentary buildings in Brussels in anticipation of farmer protests in the EU capital.

What do they want? Better legislation that protects their livelihood. They want to stop being hounded with environmental legislation that targets farming and not other industry. They do not want to be taxed in order to make up budget downfalls imposed on leaders to support foreign wars. In France, they want President Macron to stand up to EU Commissioner Ursula Van der Leyen when they meet later today.

Highways surrounding Paris are lined with farmer protests that have been peaceful and mostly non-disruptive of daily life. Polls show that 89% of the French people support the farmers. Despite this, they are getting surprisingly little media coverage and many outlets are calling them “far right” and “extremists.”

This has caught on in Italy where farmers are protesting in Milan, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Greece, Belgium and Romania.

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