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Farmers Under Siege

The farmer protests have made it to Brussels while EU leaders are meeting to hammer out a deal for Ukraine. The optics are bad.

Leaders whose economies have been destroyed by war are trying to do more of that while the working people protest. In front of the European Parliament in Brussels, fires were lit and a statue of a steelworker was pulled down.

What do they want? Better legislation that protects their livelihood. They want to stop being hounded with environmental legislation that targets farming and not other industry. They do not want to be taxed in order to make up budget downfalls imposed on leaders to support foreign wars.

The Telegraph reports that at least 1,300 tractors have made their way into Brussels. Some protestors have thrown eggs and stones and police have responded with tear gas.

French Prime Minister Gabriel Attal is expected to give a press conference later today to unveil new measures “designed to appease” the farmers. Could it be something they actually want?

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