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Fauci Has Quite The Nerve

Dr. Anthony Fauci released a new book called “On Call” this week. It is interesting timing after his recent Congressional testimony which shows us all that he made policy recommendations to the American public during the pandemic that was not based on science. I don’t know how this guy has the nerve to show up as a public hero but he does!

Dr. Fauci went on MSNBC to promote the book with Rachel Maddow and my mind is reeling that he is still saying things like this in June 2024:

  • The Covid vaccine saved lives;
  • President Trump promoted unproven therapeutics like hydroxychloroquine;
  • People hate him because he is science-based.

Rachel Maddow says that people who oppose Fauci don’t disagree with him. They hate him because “he represents expertise.” Yet these things are so easy to disprove in the year 2024 that I almost swore this segment was three years old but it is not.

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