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Fauci’s Spiral of Untruths

In Congressional testimony on Monday, Dr. Anthony Fauci said that he knew nothing about hiding any paper trials, despite one of his advisers admitting to doing that on behalf of his team.

“I never spoke about protecting him,” Dr. Fauci said. “I don’t know where he got that, but that’s not true.”

True. Interesting word coming from Dr. Fauci who is on record lying about gain of function, omitted his influence in academic work “concluding” that Covid did not come from a lab, has admitted that social distancing rules were just made up, and said that the Covid vaccine’s protection from transmission wanes over time despite the fact that clinical trials NEVER TESTED for transmission! The Covid vaccine was only ever tested for its ability to limit Covid SYMPTOMS.

Dr. Fauci appeared choked up as he said that he and his family have received death threats, which surely should be disavowed unequivocally. Yet Democrats continue to disavow Fauci’s lies and write off criticisms of him as “conspiracy theories.” None of the above is conspiracy. He lied and made up rules as he went during the pandemic and he should be prosecuted for those things. It’s not political. Journalist Michael Shellenberger has a good rundown of it here.

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