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Fluoride is Poisoning Americans

Is fluoride in the water bad for us? Oh yes it is and the U.S. government knows that it is and they’ve been forced to admit it in a landmark lawsuit in California.

A group of defendants sued the EPA alleging that “fluoridation at levels occurring throughout the country presents an unreasonable risk of injury to health under the Toxic Substances Control Act.” The case has dragged on for years as the government conducted research on the matter and it turns out that the government censored reports showing that fluoride exposure is associated with lower IQ in children.

This is a major case and it could result in a judge ruling that fluoride is a neurotoxin and lead to its removal from American water! And yet, Canada and the United Kingdom are considering adding it to their water supplies. Why would they do that?

We interviewed journalist Derrick Broze who has been following this acutely on The Conscious Resistance. Watch that interview here!

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