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Full of Hot Air

Hey, anyone want to look into faulty wind turbines? Apparently, they are falling out of the sky like this one in the photo above. That can’t be safe.

In Oklahoma, one turbine fell over from its height of 100 feet in the air. Soon after, one just like it fell in Colorado.

According to Bloomberg, “The instances are part of a rash of recent wind turbine malfunctions across the U.S. and Europe, ranging from failures of key components to full collapses. Some industry veterans say they’re happening more often, even if the events are occurring at only a small fraction of installed machine.”

Wind turbines are part of the global push toward renewable energy. The turbines are supposed to last 20 years but according to recent reports, many are not lasting that long because they are being made too quickly.

“Rapid innovation strains manufacturing and the broader supply chain,” GE CEO Larry Culp said on an earnings call in October. “It takes time to stabilize production and quality on these new products.”

In the meantime, don’t go too close!

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