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Germany Has Some Explaining To Do

Germany is scrambling to answer for newly leaked audio of German Air Force officers planning an attack on Crimea.

In the tape, officers discuss operational and targeting details for Taurus missiles that might be sent to Ukraine, including their possible use on the Crimean Bridge. According to RT, “They also talked about ways to maintain plausible deniability of German involvement in such an attack, to avoid sparking a wider conflict.”

The German Defense Ministry did not deny the authenticity of the tapes but rather worried about how they were obtained. German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius said that this was “a hybrid attack aimed at disinformation.”

What disinformation? If the tapes are authentic, Germany is collaborating to attack Russia. Is this why German Chancellor Olaf Scholz released this message on Thursday saying that Germany will “not send any soldiers from our Bundeswehr to Ukraine. NATO is not – and will not be – a party to war”?

Pistorius also said that just because these officers were discussing Taurus missiles does not mean that Ukraine will get any. So it was just a thought exercise?

According to RT, “Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev warned on Sunday that the leaked conversation proves Germany is preparing for war with Moscow.”

Moscow has summoned the German Ambassador Alexander Lambsdorff to the Kremlin today.

Meanwhile, Turkey is again proposing to host peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

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