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Germany Loosens Conscription Rules

Germany is reportedly considering “gender-neutral” conscription, which means everyone could be drafted into military service.

The German Defense Ministry laid out three options to reform the nation’s conscription rules. Minister Boris Pistorius is expected to choose one of them and officially present it in early June, according to Die Welt newspaper.

One option would be required military registration for all young people at age 18, Another would require mandatory military registration for males only after age 18. The third option would be making mandatory registration and potential draft compulsory for both men and women.

It stands to reason since Germany now allows parents to change their child’s gender at birth so if you abolish biological sex, you can’t draft based on biological sex now can you?

Like other Western nations, Germany has low military enrollment while its leaders show a high appetite for war. Likewise in France this weekend, President Emmanuel Macron said that France is not at war but left the matter open ended based on an if-statement. “If you go too far and threaten the interests of France and the security of Europe, then we exclude nothing.”

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