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Germany says Achtung!

German farmers are braving the January weather to show the government that they are not willing to fill budget deficits. They announced today a “week of action,” lining up in major cities with trucks and tractors, blocking traffic to show the government that they mean business.

These protests began weeks ago when the government announced that it had to fill a deficit for 2024 and would do so by eliminating subsidies on diesel fuel for farm vehicles. After protests last week, the government said that it would delay these plans and roll them out over the course of three years but the farmers associations are saying that this is not good enough.

The media and “authorities” are warning that these protests could be “capitalized” on by “far-right groups.” That is a familiar line that the Canadian government used during the trucker protests. Does anyone buy that any more? Governments calling opposition “far right”? Come on! The German government has tanked their own economy by shutting down affordable energy sources and sending money to a pointless war in Ukraine and now wants to fill the budget gaps on the backs of working people who feed the country. A label won’t make that common sense opposition go away!

Redacted is in Berlin today with Clayton freezing his butt off to talk to these farmers. Join us to see for yourself on tonight’s live show at 4 p.m. Eastern!

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