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Germany To Enact “Emergency Powers” over Ukraine

Will Germany declare an emergency in order to continue support for Ukraine? German chancellor Olaf Scholz said just that in a parliamentary address on Wednesday.

The German government was finalizing its 2024 budget, which will keep debt levels the same by cutting government programs so that they can still send aid to Ukraine. The budget allows “€8 billion ($8.63 billion) on arms for Ukraine Kiev next year, along with an unspecified amount of money allocated for financial aid to the Ukrainian budget, and another €6 billion ($6.47 billion) to support Ukrainian refugees living in Germany,” according to RT.

Scholz warned that Germany may have to enact emergency powers in order to spend even more because international support for Ukraine was waning. In which case, “We have already decided to propose a debt-brake exception resolution in the Bundestag,” he said.

His opposition calls this “financial trickery” and said that it shows that he is willing to “throw the German budget into chais for the sake of aiding Kiev.”

The White House warned that the U.S. only has $1 billion left for Ukraine because the country has depleted 96% of “replenishment funding.”

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