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Germany’s Energy Crisis

Germany is set to announce plans for more gas-powered energy plants this week after inexplicably turning off nuclear plants. This is their truly puzzling plan to phase out coal power.

The plan is set to cost €40 billion. It will be agreed upon by the Economy and Finance ministries as well as the Chancellor’s Office in an effort to deal with the country’s energy crisis.

You know what else would have helped the energy crisis? The Nord Stream Pipeline. Too bad it was sabotaged. Too bad Germany is not interested in what happened there.

Is it any wonder that German farmers continue to revolt? The country is taking backward steps towards reliable energy and punishing the working class for it with high energy costs and taxes.

Farmer protests have been popping up now in France and now Scotland. Recently European Parliamentary member Rob Roos spoke out about these protests as a reaction to “the ruling class” deciding that “we are ‘living wrongly.’”

“You, Members of the European Parliament, need to look in the mirror. These massive farmer protests are about you. You are responsible for this.”

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