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Get Ready for Disease X

Researchers in China have discovered a strain of coronavirus that caused 100% mortality due to a “late-stage brain infection.”

The scientists say that they are concerned about a “spillover infection.” But they wouldn’t have to worry about that if they hadn’t created it in the first place, would they? It’s not a naturally existing virus. It was made in a laboratory and then experimented with.

Researchers gave this virus from pangolins, which are like anteaters, to “transgenic mice,” which are humanized mice. Mice bred with humans to test on them. It killed 100% of them. We suggest watching John Campbell’s assessment of this published experiment, which was inexplicably removed from YouTube but still lives on Rumble.

Could this brain-infecting form of COVID-19 be what the World Economic Forum is about to discuss this week in their panel on Disease X?

This, my friends, IS gain of function research and it is extremely dangerous. Time to stop it yet?

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