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Golf Gives Women The Shaft

A man won a women’s golf tournament in Florida this weekend under the auspices that he is a woman. He is now one step closer to competing on the Women’s LPGA tour.

Trans person Hailey Davidson won the tournament because the league allows him to play as a woman after gender assignment surgery and almost 6 years of cross sex hormones. He said that this has weakened him enough to make it fair because all of that surgery took 15 miles per hour off of his “club head speed.”

Well should a man have to weaken himself to play with women or should women just have their own category and trans people their own?

The Collegiate Water Polo Association doesn’t think so. They released new rules that allows men to self-identify as females in order to compete in the women’s league. The only requirements is a letter from a doctor and minimum threshold of testosterone levels.

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