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Government Spying on Americans “It’s like herpes, it’ll be back.”

No to post-9/11 government surveillance! That is what the House of Representatives voted in a surprising move! The house voted down the renewal of FISA Section 702 which allows warrantless surveillance of foreign nationals but has been long-since abused to surveil U.S. citizens too.

All House Democrats voted against the bill and 19 Republicans joined them. Why is this a left-right issue? It should be non-partisan effort to uphold the Constitution.

Some say that this is a hit to House Speaker Mike Johnson who supported the bill. Florida Representative Cory Mills said that it “isn’t a defeat for Johnson; it’s a victory for Americans.”

Sort of. It’s not like the government won’t still do what they want or work around it as Kentucky Representative Thomas Massie lays out in his explanation on the vote. Tucker Carlson warns that government surveillance is “like herpes, it’ll be back.”

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