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Green Policies Not At All Green

new report from NASA scientists shows that global policies to restrict global warming are causing more global warming. Many people who study this have long-since said this but were called climate deniers, including Michael Shellenberger and Bjorn Lomborg.

The study shows that draconian fuel regulations “reduced the emission of sulfur dioxide from international shipping by about 80% and created an inadvertent geoengineering termination shock with global impact.”

Oops! They say that “the amount of radiative forcing could lead to a doubling (or more) of the warming rate in the 2020 s compared with the rate since 1980 with strong spatiotemporal heterogeneity.”

This is proof that climate policies are not based on science and politicians are just winging it for political gain. If they actually studied climate models, they would not do this. But they don’t.

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