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Here we go! Bird Flu Cometh

Seventy people in Colorado are being monitored for bird flu even though none of them are showing symptoms.

This is funny timing because in April World Health Organization doctor Jeremy Farrar said that bird flu may mutate to spread human to human and that the mortality rate is extremely high. He is the same doctor who fraudulently changed the conclusion of the Nature journal article that “concluded” that Covid was not from a lab.

He was never punished for this bit of academic fraud. Instead he was appointed to the chief scientist at the World Health Organization. Now, this untrustworthy doctor warns us that bird flu can mutate and be spread from person to person and that we must focus on “vaccines, therapeutics and diagnostics.”

The WHO is also now warning that viruses can spread through airborn pathogens and guess what? They launched a tool to assess the air quality of all indoor spaces showing that person-to-person conversations are as dangerous as ever. How long until this is used to return to remote work and, conveniently, remote voting??

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