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Hollywood Needs More Climate Alarmism

Get ready for more climate change propaganda in Hollywood films.

new study by Colby College and Good Energy researchers reviewed 250 movies from 2013 to 2022 and found that fewer than 10% mentioned climate change.

Shouldn’t Hollywood focus on storytelling and entertainment rather than inserting political and environmental agendas?

Matthew Schneider-Mayerson, the study’s lead researcher doesn’t think so because after all it’s 2024. He notes that movies like “Justice League” and “Marriage Story” acknowledged climate issues, but many popular films did not. This gap, he suggests, is out of touch with reality and he wants more climate alarmism.

The researchers propose a “climate reality check,” similar to the Bechdel-Wallace test for gender representation, to encourage more climate-conscious filmmaking. The idea is that if there aren’t enough climate fear mongering plot points in your movie then you should try to figure out ways to incorporate them.

For instance if you have a love story why not throw in some heat waves for dramatic effect?

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