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Hunter Biden Found Guilty

Hunter Biden was found guilty of all three felony charges of lying on a federal form about his heavy drug use when purchasing a gun. A sentencing hearing has yet to be set but most people agree that he will not face prison time.

The incriminating evidence found on his laptop is a veritable treasure trove of crimes. The gun form seems to be the least amongst them when you see that he possessed pornographic material with underage girls and was peddling his father’s influence to foreign actors. But alas, he was not prosecuted for that. At least not that.

As Representative Thomas Massie put it, “Hunter might deserve to be in jail for something, but purchasing a gun is not it. There are millions of marijuana users who own guns in this country, and none of them should be in jail for purchasing or possessing a firearm against current laws.”

It feels as though this trial was a placebo to show that the justice system prosecutes both parties in the wake of the Trump guilty verdict. As lawyer and politician Vivek Ramaswamy put it, this trial “avoids accountability for the Biden crime family.” This can’t be it right?

Well it’s not for Republican-led Congressional investigations, which will go on but they cannot prosecute. So then is the Justice Department, which tried to hide the laptop for Hunter Biden, done prosecuting his crimes?

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