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Hunter Biden’s Cup of Joe

Maybe Hunter Biden was trying to meet his drug dealer just to get a cup of coffee. As one does.

That was what his defense attorney put forward when defending a series of text messages showing that the younger Biden had been arranging to meet his long-time drug dealer Q when he lied about his drug habit on a federal form to buy a gun.

The chain shows him arranging to meet Q at a 7/11…which does have coffee.

The trial hinges on whether or not Hunter Biden knew he was an addict and was skirting the laws. Previous messages shown by the prosecution showed him bragging about himself as a functional addict. In one exchange, he said, “I’m a f*cking better man than any man you know whether I’m smoking crack or not.”

The parties made closing arguments on Monday and the jury will now begin deliberation.

The First Lady attended every day of the trial except June 6 when she was in France for the 80th anniversary of D-Day. Who will pay for all of that travel? The Democratic National Committee will pay for some, and American taxpayers will pay for the rest. That’s kind of weird, right? Why should we pay for her to attend her own son’s trial? And why would a political party do that? Is that maybe an indication that this trial is…political?

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