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Hunting Doctor Cass

Doctor Hilary Cass has been told not to ride on public transportation because she is the new target of hateful gender ideology. Cass is the researcher behind the NHS-funded Cass Review, which revealed how little science there is around medical gender transition.

Well, gender ideologists don’t want to hear this and they are threatening her. She says that she has received “‘vile’ abusive emails and been given security advice to help keep her safe.”

The morsel that gender ideologists are holding to is a claim by MP Dawn Butler that the review failed to include 100 research papers. That’s false. The review states very clearly for anyone who bothers to actually read it that they read every single research paper on gender that they could find but only pulled results “from the ones that were high quality and medium quality, which was 60 out of 103.” Indeed, anyone who has been following this research knows that many of the studies we currently have are short term and have small sample sizes.

The debate around her paper is an example of the “toxic” debate around gender that her very paper warns about. The threats to her safety are yet another example of an actual woman being abused around ideology meant to “protect women.”

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