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Impeaching Joe Biden

House Republicans have opened a formal impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden. This increases the chance of a second president in a row to be impeached by at least one chamber of Congress.

Senate Democrats likely won’t go for it but they will have to face it. At this point, it is all politics. Clearly, Joe Biden and his son Hunter have participated in politics for financial gain for at least the last decade. The question is: who wants to take the time to care in public for their political gain?

The Wall Street Journal makes the case that “impeachment is the new censure.” In fact, they predicted in 2019 when Democrats voted to impeach President Trump that “the House has defined impeachment down to a standard that will now make more impeachments likely.”

And here we are. It feels like a glass half empty/full question. Is this an indication that politics is irreparably partisan or is this actually an indication of equal justice under the law? If Trump could face impeachment over a phone call as a political favor, then surely all of the monies and favors traded by the Bidens should be worthy of scrutiny, right?

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