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Intermission Over, War Returns to Gaza

The ceasefire in Gaza is over and Israel stepped up its attacks by land and air this weekend in its aim to eliminate Hamas. Israel has ordered civilians to evacuate because, as they warned last week, they used the ceasefire time to double their efforts.

According to CBS News, “the United Nations estimates that 1.8 million Palestinians in Gaza have been displaced. Nearly 958,000 of them are in 99 U.N. facilities in the south, said Juliette Toma, director of communications at the U.N. agency for Palestinian refugees.”

Well the south is not a safe haven has Israel has begun to concentrate its attacks on the southern city of Khan Younis. Israel has apparently begun dropping leaflets warning civilians of impending attacks.

Many of those attacks come from U.S.-provided bombs. The Wall Street Journal reports that the “U.S. has provided Israel with large bunker buster bombs” and “roughly 15,000 bombs and 57,000 artillery shells.” The government has been secretive about this weapons transfer, unlike the open disclosure of all the weapons sent to Ukraine.

The precision paradox is hard at play here.

The precision paradox is the false claim that any military attack can only target certain bad people. Of course that’s not possible. Israel admits that is the case. According to the Journal: “Israel’s military says it already takes precautions to protect civilians, though in the initial days of the war its air force also said its strikes were causing ‘maximum damage.’ Israeli officials have also said they have a limited capacity for precision strikes because its forces are stretched thin.”

How long can this go on? According to the Financial Times, Israel expects to keep this up for at least a year or more.

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