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Introducing a New Gender Called ‘Kink’ (don’t shoot the messenger)

Is Kink a new gender and sexual identity? God help us, this is now a thing and it was trending in the U.K. this week.

Northwestern University in Illinois recently hosted a speaker who identifies as a “Kink” instructor at a For Members Only group. The speaker, Ericka Hart teaches BDSM/kink and “how people can and do apply these seemingly fringe elements to their everyday lives.”

So…kinky sexual play in public society? Like what, dare I ask? Well a recent article in New York Magazine says that a company recently hired a DEI trainer that identifies as a Kink and that this person teaches employees that everything in the work place could be considered “sexual play.” Even “misgendering.” You’d think a Human Resources person would step in to shut that down rather than hire them to say this in the workplace! Didn’t the Me Too movement aim to take sexualization OUT of the workplace? Are we really putting it back in now in the name of LGBTQ acceptance?

This is very confusing and not at all funny. We should not be allowing gender identities on the basis of sexualizing every day life. Get out of here with that!

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