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Invasion at America’s Souther Border Increases

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has signed off on a law that allows law enforcement to arrest migrants at the Texas border and hand them over to judges to order them out of the U.S.

This is at attempt to curb illegal migration into the U.S. but you can bet that the Biden administration will challenge it in the courts.

The law not only gives authority to law enforcement officials at the border, it also gives them the right to arrest anyone that they suspect of having illegally entered the U.S. throughout Texas. If arrested, they could be charged with a misdemeanor, giving judges the ability to order them deported.

Texas is not waiting for the federal government to solve this problem. The state is working to approve $1.5 billion to fund a border wall and putting in place Operation Lone Star, a program to bar the entry of drugs, weapons and people suspected of criminal activity.

This is in stark contrast to New York City, which is also facing an immigrant crisis but pretending like it isn’t.

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