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Is A Ceasefire Coming in Gaza?

Israel says that Hamas has rejected a ceasefire deal proposed by the U.S. but Hamas says that they are trying to work with this proposal and accuse the Israeli media of “incitement and attempting to evade agreement obligations.”

Al Jazeera reports that “Hamas and the smaller Islamic Jihad (PIJ) group said in a joint statement on Tuesday that they were ready to ‘deal positively to arrive at an agreement’ and that their priority is to bring a ‘complete stop’ to Israel’s ongoing assault on Gaza.”

Mediators from Qatar and Egypt confirm that they have received a response from Hamas and are working through the details. Meanwhile, Israel has continued its attack on Gaza, bombing at least 30 targets over the last few days. Israel also targeted Hezbollah with strikes in Lebanon, killing at least four people. One of them was reported to be Abu Taleb, “described as a ‘senior’ Hezbollah commander in charge of operations in the central region of southern Lebanon along the border.”

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